Weekly Blog #6 – 3 Things You Need to Know About Large Format Printing

by | Jun 3, 2020 | 0 comments

People have a stereotype about what large format printing looks like, which is usually depicted as an image of plastic letters simply printed on a large banner. These are usually amateur signs available at local office supply stores, which lacks direction and interest. The actual results of large format printing are vastly different—content is designed with creativity in mind, as the end goal is to make lasting impressions and impacts. Large format printers produce sleek, polished, and professional materials and signages, which are perfect for any marketing goals.

Still not convinced? Here are five things you need to know about these powerful tools:

1 – They are flexible to work with

Although its name may signify the opposite, large format printing is flexible to use. It can be used in a wide range of products, which can be as little as custom ID badges, and as huge as building signages that beckon everyone around it. 

As highly flexible pieces, they can be engineered to fit your company’s needs and brand personality. If you need custom made coasters with logos, canvas prints to sell, or even a piece that can be hung as a fine art installation, large format printing will deliver—the possibilities are endless. 

2 – They are great marketing collateral

As discussed above, large format printing is extremely flexible. As such, any application can be customised to fit even the most uneven surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach places. 

You can use them as vehicle wraps, window displays, and even storefront wrappings.

 Fixable on every possible surface, you’ll also find them useful for commercial and other settings. They’re highly visible regardless of the final design, which can be perfect for your marketing campaigns. You can have them printed on posters and display them from months on end, as they are constructed from durable materials, guaranteed to be weather- and UV-resistant.  

3 – They encourage creativity

The age of posters or small signs is long over. In this day and age, bigger is better. In a world where distractions are everywhere, your best hope is to completely enamour passersby with your displays. You need to command attention, and while a creative design is highly capable of such, giant window clings or humongous wraps as big as buildings are the way to go. 

Although large format printing encompasses quite a ton, the largest projects are its main speciality. Big projects are usually printed in multiple panels, stitched together seamlessly to form a massive picture. These act as a custom mural that can be applied anywhere, functioning like wallpaper. Through it, your campaigns will end up just like those eye-catching New York displays, or perhaps Osaka’s famous Glico Man. 


Ultimately,  large format printing changes the name of the game. With quality and performance off the roof, you’ll be yielding memorable materials that will be hitting marketing goal after goal.  There are limitless opportunities at your disposal with the use of large format printing, and it’s only right that you invest in it!

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