Weekly Blog #13 – What Makes a Perfect Poster_ 3 Design Tips You Should Know

by | Jul 22, 2020 | 0 comments

The art of poster design can be considered as one of the oldest forms of advertising. Whether you’re using it to promote a product or introduce your brand, a poster can communicate essential information to a broad audience through the use of images and text. That is why mastering your understanding of poster design can help you in creating a lasting impact on your potential customers.

What makes a perfect poster?

Effective poster design has cohesive visual and textual elements that follow the principles of different theories of art and colour. Advertisers have learned to master these rules by applying them to their marketing collaterals with great success.

If you’re having trouble designing advertising materials for your brand, here are three design tips to help you.

1. Determine your main visual element

In creating advertising material, especially for a curated event, you need to make sure that your design can be adapted to different forms of marketing paraphernalia. Your design shouldn’t just be limited to a standard poster size image. It should also be translatable to anything from limited edition t-shirts to ticket stubs.

An excellent way to begin your poster design is by focusing on one main visual element. This will be the dominant image or style in your graphic that you can apply to all your other designs.

2. Size your information accordingly

Your priority in designing a poster is to have a clear message. Whether you’re using symbols or text, you need to make sure that your poster’s vital information is easy to see and read from a distance. That will serve as a guide on how you should create the formatting for your text and images based on essential details. A poster’s information can be divided into the headline, details, and fine print.

Your headline should contain the most significant elements in your graphic in terms of the space it occupies. As a general note, you should use a readable typeface or an attractive image to demand your readers’ attention.

Your details will contain the secondary information, such as your brand’s name, the event’s details, the product’s offered, and other similar info. Make sure that you list your information accordingly with the same groups. It’s recommended for you to drop the size to half of your headline or use serif or complementary typefaces from your headline’s.

Your fine print is one of the most critical components of your poster since it contains your publishing and promotional information. That is mostly seen around movie posters or commercial banner ads. Make sure that these are out of the way from your graphic’s content but can still be readable to comply with regulations.

3. Consider your ad space

Placement is an essential factor in creating your poster as it can affect the impact of your ad. It will affect everything from your colour options to your choice of printing material. So, you should consider the surrounding environment of your ad space. As much as possible, choose a palette that can be visually appealing by using striking elements that will make your poster stand out.

You can choose anything from laminated sheets to vinyl tarpaulin, depending on the size and placement of your poster. Make sure that the material you use for printing is durable if your poster won’t be placed inside glass casings to protect it from harsh weather conditions.


Although poster designs are used primarily for printed media, you should also consider making your poster scalable in terms of size and shape. Doing this allows you to adapt it to different formats, such as a billboard or social media ad placements. Ensure that your poster’s elements can be reused and appropriated to the right medium.

Creating a poster is far from being a simple task. That is why companies should collaborate with professionals in the creatives industry to help strengthen their ads’ impact and effectiveness. If you need creative printers in Epping to produce your brand’s marketing content, get in touch with us today. We’ll print anything from business cards to brochures to help showcase your company’s unique branding.