The Weekly Blog #9 – 5 Reasons Vehicle Graphics Is Good for Brand Marketing

by | Jul 1, 2020 | 0 comments

The aim of any advertising and marketing strategy is to create a compelling first impression and keep it in the mind of the audience for the long run. There are many forms of advertising that you can perform, but there is one that costs relatively less money while still providing significant returns: vehicle graphics.

Graphics installed on your company vehicles can be a great marketing tool to increase your brand awareness to your locality and other nearby cities. It’s easy to do, doesn’t cost you that much, and exposes your brand to a broad audience.

Here are five compelling reasons why vehicle graphics can be beneficial to your brand and brand marketing:

Reason #1: It can naturally grab attention

Vehicle graphics, especially those with bright colours and incredible patterns or designs, can stand out from the sea of normal-looking cars on the road. Whether it is parked or moving, your motorized advertisement can naturally grab the attention of passersby and passengers from the other vehicles.

Reason #2: It is a non-aggressive type of advertising

Although straightforward advertisements such as radio and video ads are striking and can encourage high conversion, marketers know that some customers are not receptive to aggressive advertising. Instead of getting intrigued by the product or service being advertised, some audiences may actually get turned off.

Ads placed on vehicles, on the other hand, can advertise your business without being aggressive and distracting to your audience. 

Reason #3: It can reach a wider and diverse audience

By simply travelling on the road, whether over short or long distances, you can potentially reach a broader range of audiences of up to tens of thousands per month. You can easily scale this up further by installing more graphics to multiple company vehicles. Another option that you can do is to partner with public transport providers and request to place your ads in their vehicles.

Reports have shown that this type of advertising reaches more audiences and gains more customers better than website marketing.

Reason #4: It can target local customers

If you have a physical store or office, installing ad graphics on your company vehicles can significantly work to your advantage. This type of advertising can target customers in a specific location by just driving around local communities and city areas. You can drive by schools, for instance, if you want to target the local student population, or you can go around parks and suburbs if your business is aimed at families.

When locals continually notice your vehicular advertisements, they will most likely become familiar with your brand and eventually visit your local store or office.

Reason #5: It is relatively cost-effective

Other forms of advertisement such as billboards, radio and television commercials, and online ad content all have recurring costs, which can be a burden to your business in the long run if not managed effectively.

With vehicle-based ads, you would only need to shell out corporate money one time for the printing. You would not need to pay for other costs as you will be installing the ads on vehicles that you already own.


This type of advertising is effective because it’s a low-maintenance, low-cost, and low-effort marketing strategy that can provide surprisingly positive returns. It exposes your brand to wider audiences and active customers, making it ideal for businesses who want to improve their local targeting without having much to worry about.

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