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The Wedding Videographer’s

by | Feb 28, 2020 | 0 comments

As you may or may not know Stuart and I are pretty keen hobbyists and have built up quite a collection of videography gear, cameras, lenses, stabilisers etc.
We have videoed and edited a fair few holiday videos and even a few promotional videos in our spare time always receiving positive feedback. However, it was just a hobby so while the feedback appreciated and nice it never mattered to much.

That was until late 2019 when a friend asked us to film their wedding day. While humbled and honoured to be asked to capture there special day it was also nerve-racking to think we only had one shot at it.

As the owner of a Canon C100Mk2 I was sure we had the right camera for the job although, for those of you who have ever shot in manual mode you will know how hard it is to keep an ISO within range, especially between indoor and outdoor environments. During the ceremony we was lucky to be able to leave the C100Mk2 on a tripod leaving the 2 of us to float around on a Canon M50 and Canon 77D.

We had a rough idea of how our finished edit would pan out and everything was coming together as planned, almost to good! I must admit that once home I lay wide awake thinking “did we get that shot” and “did we miss that part”. The next day those worries were well and truly put to one side as we had more than enough footage and some really great shots to create our vision.

Would we do it again, 100%! Here’s a link to the highlights video we created.