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Case Study: IBS Boat Supplies! One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

by | Mar 10, 2020 | 0 comments

For those of you who manage or run their own website, you will know that compulsory updates although useful can sometimes cause a host of issues that weren’t there before. We’d love to leave the site alone and working, however, as a Web Developer I understand fully why they need to be carried out. Whether it be for an increase in security or to simply add additional functionality to a system. 

Recently we encountered this very issue with one of our clients IBS Boat Supplies. IBS has for many years run an online store in which they supply inflatable boat parts to several countries all over the world. The website had been running on a Magento System for a number of years without any issues but after a recent update to the latest version, it appeared the issues would begin and thus creating many headaches for us. 

After several attempts to solve a seemingly endless battle, issues creating more issues, mounting time and costs. We decided it would be best to wipe the slate clean and move them onto our preferred CRM system Woocommerce integrated via WordPress. It would be much easier for us to manage and tailor to their needs especially as the new Magento system appeared to be a lot of aggravation when it came to additional functionality and updates. 

We worked hard to create a finished product we knew would suit IBS Boat Supplies perfectly. It’s proved itself with orders up and provided the extra functionality they needed. One Size Doesn’t Fit All! Take a look below at some of the bespoke functionality we included in their site.

Not all Shipping is Flat Rate

As a retailer, it’s important to ensure that not only your shipping options are affordable but they work as they should do to ensure you do not lose out on unneeded postage costs. At IBS this is extremely important considering they ship WORLDWIDE! We managed to get IBS on the right track by setting several different rules that would take into account not only the shipping location but the weight of the package and for UK based postage the Postcode. This meant for example that is a customer from the Scottish Highland was purchasing an item that was too heavy to post it would end up in the correct courier price bracket.

Wait! You cant ship this overseas!

One of the main challenges we faced as a website developer came in the form of hazardous goods being shipped overseas. Put simply IBS had several products that couldn’t be sent anywhere that wasn’t UK Mainland this includes certain parts of Scotland, Isle of Man & Guernsey. Sounds Easy? Think again! Not only did we have to set up multiple shipping zones for different countries and UK postcodes we now had to ensure that a certain category of products couldn’t be sent out if certain conditions weren’t met. As you can imagine this was no easy task but again we managed to achieve it none the less! 

Their a Trade Customer! Give them Discount!

As with a lot of retailers IBS offer trade discount to various marine companies who register with them. Here we implemented a unique customer group which when signed in would automatically display the discounted prices. This method was chosen over having a separate URL for the trade store as we both felt this was much simpler and provided a seamless experience for the customer. We were also required to provide different shipping prices for Trade Customers again which was created with a serious of rules. 

Are you experiencing similar issues? Should you need help with your website or if you are looking to create something similar please get in touch by calling 01992 576 644 or email [email protected] .