It's that time of year again.

The age old tradition of sending a Christmas card has become somewhat a chore over recent years. Some prefer to send an e-card, some donate money, others just don’t bother.

We think this is a real shame. For families its great way to show you care, share a new family snap or some recent news.

For business its a personal touch for your existing customers but also a great way to jog the memory of an old customer. Tempt them into coming back or show them a new product / service you may be offering since you last saw them. Get creative, nobody said it has to be a typical Christmas scene, grab some Santa hats and take a group photo with colleagues!

We typically print our greetings cards on 280gsm Chromocard, it has a great satin finish to the outside and a nice writing surface on the inside.

Supplied in A6 and A5 prices start from £25 (including envelopes).

Getting Inside AMX

So we’ve never really shouted AMX Print from the rooftops before. For us the internet has mainly been a tool for us to kill time at lunch or conveniently purchase things on but we want to learn more and expand our inner knowledge of it.

Sure we know how to build websites but we want to build an online presence. Create more, learn more and pass that knowledge on. Over the coming months we will be updating this blog with completed jobs, cool inspiration and all the info from the various other projects we work on.

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