Weekly Blog #7 AMX Print – Why Is Vehicle Signage the Best For Branding_ – Our 4 Reasons

by | Jun 10, 2020 | 0 comments

The only way a business can remain relevant in today’s market is through properly implemented marketing strategies. Beyond mere product marketing, however, consumers have taken to patronizing a business for a brand—which is why brand development has become an integral component of many marketing strategies.

Although the shift towards the online world has placed a priority on digital marketing strategies, traditional print advertising still has significant sway on consumers. One such medium is through the use of vehicle signages. As simple as it seems, this one method can boost your brand development in a major way.

To help cement this point, here are four reasons why vehicle signage is the best for your business’ brand development.

It’s great for brand visibility

Vehicle signages aren’t just basic advertisements, they’re also efficient tools for promulgating your brand. Through this method, you get to flaunt your style and expertise, showing to those who can see your signage about just how good your service is.

Beyond this, it acts as an active advertisement, literally calling to attention your brand wherever your vehicle goes. This unique method of advertisement can really push forth brand recognition and visibility, taking your campaign on the road directly towards your potential customers.

Its design is unique and customisable 

The beauty of vehicle signages is that it’s an incredibly unique and customisable marketing strategy. By utilising the skills of an experienced graphic designer, you can have a graphic that encapsulates your business as a whole. 

With some concept planning, the created graphic can be a unique mobile billboard that can hog attention and increase your brand’s connectivity. It’s a perfect advertisement that you can mould and edit at any time without having to stress too much.

It’s incredibly easy to install

Thanks to today’s tools and techniques, vehicle signages can now be easy to install and apply to your chosen vehicles. Formerly, vehicle signages would utilise heavy paint-jobs that aren’t just costly, but they were also time-consuming and difficult to apply.

Today, vehicle signages simply utilise custom-made vinyl decals to incorporate the chosen design. With a good printing service, they can easily and quickly create decals for use within an hour or two. Once printed, applying them is a quick job that can be handled by just about anybody—furthering how easy this method is to apply to your vehicles!

It’s a highly cost-efficient method

The cost of creating a vehicle signage might seem steep, with the graphic design, the printing, and the installation factoring the price. However, once done, the mileage of your ad can far exceed what you’ve spent on it—making it an incredibly worthy investment.

While other forms of traditional media might seem more effective, this can last you longer than one-shot ads from newspapers and will definitely be cheaper than the monthly costs of maintaining a billboard.


Having a vehicle signage created may seem like an archaic method, but this form of traditional marketing is in fact great for your brand. Not only is it cost-effective and easy-to-use, but it gives your brand a lot more mileage to become more visible to the eyes of the general public.

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