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The Weekly Blog #2 – 3 Ways Print Marketing is better than Digital Marketing.. What to Know!

by | Apr 1, 2020 | 0 comments

For the past few years, marketing, while still carried out in tangible ways such as in printed materials like brochures, is slowly moving to digital methods such as electronic ads on social media and the like. However, despite the added reach digital marketing endeavours have provided many companies, print marketing is still around for a reason!

What do we mean? Well, print marketing isn’t dead yet. In fact, printed marketing material still dominates in many aspects of marketing. Here are three ways printed material is better than digital materials for marketing:

1. More Emotional

When it comes to impacting one’s emotion, printed materials are more impactful compared to digital material. There are a few reasons for this.

First, a physical piece of paper, like a brochure, feels more real than something that’s simply displayed on the screen. To add to this, when something is more real, it has more meaning attached to it. Second, the physicality of the marketing material involves a lot more processing in terms of emotions. This helps profoundly in terms of helping a consumer associate with a brand or business. Third, a physical advertisement allows consumers to properly internalise what the ad is about. This causes us to feel more connected not only to the ad but to the brand associated with the ads.

In simple terms: your brain responds more prominently when working with a physical object.

2. More Memorable

In many cases, how you remember something that’s physical will be much different than something digital. For example, have you ever tasted a food item you’ve never had before other than seeing it on a brochure? This is more prominent when you have that ad in your hands than simply scrolling through the internet and seeing the same advertisement.

Printed ads, like large posters, contain much more vivid imagery. Just imagine looking at a poster compared to a small screen. Which one will you remember more effectively? Often, it would be the poster rather than the teeny-tiny ad from your mobile device.

3. More Valuable

Another reason printed ads like pamphlets, brochures, flyers, posters, and the like are much more effective than digital ads is because it is perceived to be of much higher value than something digital.

Think about it like this. How would you treat a paper that contains some of your favourite items on sale rather than an image on your screen? Often, you will place a little more value on that printed material than a digital one.

While this isn’t an automatic buy button, printed material is much more effective in motivating the person to go through with the buying process, whether that’s going to the shop to purchase what they want or heading online to make their final buys.


While we might make it seem like printed materials are so much better than digital ads, this isn’t the case. What we’re trying to say is that printed material still does have its place in this digital world, especially when everyone has grown accustomed to the daily influx of digital ads. That said, the best marketing strategies would combine both physical and printed advertisements. If yours isn’t this way at the moment, then now’s the chance to shake things up a little!

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